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Embracing biological variability to discover drugs for patients, rather than diseases.

Biossil is an applied AI drug discovery platform founded to develop targeted therapies for biologically defined patient sub-populations. Our focus is on diseases for which traditional drug discovery has been challenged by population variability.


Our Mission 

Disease variability - in terms of onset, sequelae, and progression - is predicated on patient history, genetic background, comorbidities, and the various endotypes, or molecular pathways leading to disease, which can be more or less dominant in any given patient. Unfortunately, disease sub-phenotypes and endotypes are not always known across populations or for individual patients, leading to treatment failures. Biossil combines EMR interrogation with a network biology view of disease pathways to discover the molecular basis of disease variability and develop novel therapeutics targeted to a subset of affected patients.


Our Excavate™ software is designed to model disease variability and identify treatment informing endotypes. 

Excavate combines a trillion data-point multiomics pipeline with population-scale EMR data to translate disease sub-phenotypes into molecular endotypes defined by interactome scale disease modules. Our novel phenotype-to-endotype approach to network biology generates drug-targets anchored to a subset of patients with convergent disease pathways. The objective is to limit apparent disease complexity by narrowing target populations into biologically defined subgroups. Our hope is that the application of Excavate across the known drug universe will accelerate trial ready compounds to the clinic.


Our pipeline consists of precision candidates for clinically variable diseases. Check back soon for updates.

Biossil Pipeline

Our pipeline is agnostic to therapeutic area, but focuses on rare and neglected diseases, prophylactic vaccines, and chronic conditions with multiple disease phenotypes. 



Phase I

Phase II/III



Rare disease


Rare disease


Polyvalent Vaccine



Based in Toronto, Canada, we are a multidisciplinary team of PhDs, medical doctors, data scientists, and engineers. We are on a mission to develop accessible, precision medicines for the patients who need them most, and we are always adding new members to our team. If you are a mission-driven individual, with expertise in bioinformatics, systems biology, drug regulation, IP, or data science, we may have a role for you.

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